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"Thinking Smarter" Now Available in Bookstores

Although our brains are powerful thinking machines, there's good evidence that people don't like to think. In fact, one recent study showed that many people preferred receiving electric shocks to thinking and reflecting.

So how can we be smarter when thinking about real-life situations like retirement?

Shlomo Benartzi, chief behavioral economist of the Allianz Global Investors Center for Behavioral Finance, tackles this and other key questions in his new book, Thinking Smarter: Seven Steps to Your Fulfilling Retirement...And Life.

The book explores the science behind the Retirement Goal Planning System®​a unique, seven-step system that helps people identify what they value most, what they want to achieve and, ultimately, who they really are.

Available through and other booksellers, and as an iBook, Thinking Smarter also introduces readers to two case studies of real-life retirees and the action plans they developed after using the Retirement Goal Planning System®.

Use the book in conjunction with the iPad app and supplemental materials, and talk to your financial advisor about how to use the system to translate your goals into an effective financial strategy.


Get the Application

The Retirement Goal Planning System® is available as a free Apple application for use by individuals and financial professionals.

The application requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPad.